We are a member of the Evangical Lutheran Church of America. We believe that God is among us and is present in every action and nonaction that we do.  We strive to present to the community and the world that God loves us and wants us to be the best that we can be. 

   Blessings Box

We would like to start a new ministry in Cambridge and expand the work of the many organizations in this country who are Feeding the Hungry.  We are planning to build a Blessings Box and have it set up on the Church lawn.  Our box will contain food and personal care items that many in our communities are unable to provide for themselves or their families.  Please come and take from the box what you need, or add to the box what you can spare.

For More information about this project go to www.littlefreepantry.org

Below are plans to make a box of your own if you would like to help Feed the Hungry of your community.  The plans are adapted from a Free Lending Library box.

Kalamazoo-LFL-Plans.pdf Kalamazoo-LFL-Plans.pdf
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