Every year during Cambridge Firemen's Days Nazareth has sponsored a Silent Auction. This year due to Pastor Marcia's illness we didn't get a good start like usual. We decided to do more hand crafted items and a few gift cards and other local items.

     Thanks to a number of our congregation, community and friends we were able to have a very successful auction. Special thanks goes to Donna Christopherson McNutt! She sent a package from California with hand quilted items. Not the least is the Star pattern king size quilt shown below. There were also lap quilts, table runners, placemats and wall hangings.

    We had crotched items from Yarnin' by Jess, crotched nativity scene, fall pumpkins and silk embroider pictures. yard art and homemade bird feeder, and butterfly bath. We also had some gift cards from local businesses as well as a gift card from 3C's and Fawcett Aquatic Center. SILENT AUCTION Once again this year is the big hit of Rack of Ribs and other smoked meat items from Ray Ringgenberg and Smokehouse 72. After posting info about the auction on Facebook we received a message asking if there were any casino packages. At that point we didn't have any. A few days later we received one in the mail and we were able to let that person know that there was one for her to bid on.

    Perhaps the most touching story of the day was a young VERY pregnant mother who really wanted that king size quilt for her and her husband to snuggle with their baby. We are happy to report that she won the bid for the quilt, and her husband also one the bid for the large sturdy rocking chair that was on the auction for their nursery.

     The council decide at the last minute that we would also run a breakfast meal that weekend. We decided on breakfast burritos and we did really well. We served probably 65 or so burritos and we ran out of meat, potatoes and cheese. So over all a good first time for breakfast. We did have a great turnout for the auction and we did make a nice amount of donations.

     Thank you to all who donated items, worked at the auction or the Breakfast Burrito stand and those who bid on items. We were able to raise over $2,500.00!!